We help you renting your apartment, giving it the greatest international projection. If you want to improve the occupation, we can help you!

We are going to increase the occupancy of your apartment and therefor improve the benefits you get for it.

You will not have to worry about calendar synchronization, our program will do it for you.

We will only send you confirmed reservations and you will not have to be answering emails of any kind, we will do it for you. The guest will call us first and we will filter the calls so that you do not have to answer the phone at any time or at night.

You will only take care of the tasks that you wish so (check in, check out, cleaning, laundry, Maintenance, Revenue Management, professional photographs, issues management, advice, management).

Of the tasks that you do not want to take care of, we will do it and if in any punctual moment you cannot take care of or you are on vacation, we will do it for you. Click here to know more about it.






We increase your income without you having worries. Our goal is to guarantee maximum satisfaction by giving quality service to the guest, while ensuring that your apartment is always perfect.

Our personalized service for each tourist apartment, takes care of all the steps and tasks from the management of the reservations to the check out stage from the apartment and therefor the preparation of the apartment for the next guest.

All our services are fully professionalized, we have the best and most modern tools to get you the best investment, and all you have to do is NOTHING.

We adapt to each apartment, each circumstance and each city in which we are. 









You will receive a fixed income every month, like a traditional rental however with greater guarantees.

You ensure a continuous income, we are your tenants and we will take care of your apartment as if it were ours.

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