How does the reservation process work?

You can make the reservation through our website.  Select your destination, your arrival and departure dates, and the amount of accommodated people. You will be offered all the apartments that we have available for your dates.

Once you have chosen your apartment, fill in all the fields with your details and proceed a payment of 30% of the total price over our secure payment platform, to confirm the booking. You will immediately receive the confirmation through email.

How do I pay for my reservation? Is it safe to pay by card?

You can pay for your reservation with credit / debit card through our secure payment platform, that is 100% reliable and protected against fraud. You can also choose to pay by PayPal.

We understand credit cards are an integral part of the payment process to book our apartments; therefore, we take our job to protect your data very seriously.

That is the reason why our bank's system uses credit card encryption as a security method to reduce the likelihood of a credit or debit card information to be stolen.

The credit card encryption involves both the security of the card, the security of the terminal where a card is scanned, and the security of the transmission of the card’s information between the terminal and a back-end computer system. So, when you give any information to our website, we make sure it is secure.

It's possible that your card doesn't meet the security requirements and gets denied. In this case, please contact us.

Are the prices charged per person or per apartment?

In some of our apartments, prices may vary depending on the number of guests. Others rentals may have a fixed price regardless of the number of people. Check our prices with the search engine.

You should never do a reservation for less people than you will stay at the apartment. If this happens, you will have to pay the difference for the maximum capacity of the apartment.

What is the minimum number of nights I can stay?

The minimum stay for the touristic apartments is 2 nights, but depending on the season and events in the city, we can give you special conditions.

The minimum stay for long-term rentals is 31 nights.

Will you clean the apartment during my stay? Is it included in the price?

The apartment will be delivered clean to you, during your stay we won't clean it.

We can offer you an extra celaning, but it has an extra cost, that depends on at which apartment you are staying, the season, and how many of you there are.

To request this extra service, contact us at

Can I pay by credit card upon arrival at the apartment?

We accept payment by cash and by credit card. It is required to have the phisical card with you and insert it into our TPV. We can not charge cards by photo or numbers. The tourist tax must be paid in CASH.

- Please prepare your journey and organise your payments before arrival -

You can also make a bank transfer before your arrival, but make sure to do it in advance; the payment must arrive to our bank account before your check-in day. Only providing the receipt of the transaction will not be accepted.

How do I get from the airport to my apartment?

There are many transport options available from the airport to the city center: by metro, bus, train, taxi, or car rental.

Please see the page of the chosen apartment to learn how to get there.

Apartments2be offers a private shuttle service from the airport directly to your apartment, or from your apartment to the airport. You can order it here.

Do I have to bring my own towels and bed sheets?

Your apartment will be delivered totally ready for your stay, with the beds done, including pillows, duvets (depeding on the season), blankets and linen. We also provide 2 towels per person.

There is washing machine in all of our apartments, this way you will be able to wash the towels during your stay, if you want to. It's important to remember, that you are renting an apartment, not a hotel room. We do not provide hotel service like daily cleaning or change of towels/bed linen. If you want, you can order this service for an extra fee.

I'm traveling with a baby, can I request a baby crib?

If you need a baby crib, you can add it to your reservation during the booking process. This has a 25€/reservation cost.

If you need more than one baby crib, or didn't add it to the reservation during the booking process, contact us directly at

We have high chairs, baby baths and baby carts as well, so that you could carry less things from home and have a relaxing holiday.

Are pets allowed?

We are sad to say that we do not accept pets at our apartments.

What can I do if I need help, have a question, or have an emergency during my stay?

In case of any emergency you have during your stay, you have this phone at your entire disposal 24/7:

+34 608 82 12 10.

How can I cancel my reservation? Will I receive a refund?

If you chose a non-refundable rate, you will not be able to alter or cancel the reservation for free, and in case of cancellation you will lose the total amount of the reservation.

If you chose a refundable rate, you will be able to cancel your reservation and receive a refund according to the cancellation policy of the rate.

What is a tourist tax and how can I pay it?

The tourist tax is requested by the government of each community of Spain. There are cities that do not obligates tourists to pay a tourist tax (such as Madrid) and others that do (such as Catalonia).

Each zone requests different amounts.

It's important to know that tourist tax must be paid only for the first 7 nights of the stay and for people over the age of 16. The tourist tax must be paid in CASH ONLY upon arrival at the apartment.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes! We always demand a security deposit for our apartments that has to be paid upon arrival.

The amount of the security deposit depends on the chosen apartment and the length of the stay.

The security deposit will be refunded once the cleaning staff has verified that there is no damage to the apartment.

In case there is damage to the apartment, it will be discounted from the security deposit.

In case of causing inconvenience or noise to the neighbours' community, you lose the deposit as compensation.

The security deposit can be paid by credit/debit card (the amount will be blocked until your departure) or by bank transfer. In case of leaving a deposit in cash, it will be refunded via bank transfer (transaction fees will be charged to you).

For reservations made for more than one month you must pay a security deposit that equals to two months of rent (the Spanish law demands to pay two months rent in advance as a security deposit for temporary leases).

The security deposit will be refunded once the cleaning staff has verified that there is no damage to the apartment, and all utility bills are paid. In case there is damage to the apartment or unpaid bill, it will be discounted from the security deposit.

What happens if my money is not unblocked after my departure?

Normally, the amount of the security deposit will be deblocked on your credit/debit card once we have verified the condition of the apartment after your departure. The responsible for checking the apartment is the cleaning and the maintenance staff.

Each banks procedure for releasing the money is different, if you have any problem, first contact your bank, and if you still need help, contact us.

When will be my security deposit refunded?

We will return the deposit after verifying that you leave the apartment in the same conditions in which it was delivered.

In case we find damage and have to charge you for it, it can take up to 5 days depending on the repairs we have to make. We can not refund you until we know exactly how much we have to charge for the damage.

Remember that although we deblocked your security deposit (or a part of it), each bank works according to its own normative and possibly needs several days to process the transaction.

If you have a reservation for more than one month, your security deposit will be refunded via bank transfer.

First we will have to verify the apartment and if there are pending / unpaid utility bills. It's important to keep in mind that we will receive some of the utility bills after your departure.

Is the inventory done at the beginning and at the end of my stay?

We always prepare and double-check the apartment before you arrive, so we know it very well what's inside. We will give you the inventory upon arrival.

You will need to double-check the apartment before your departure. Our cleaning and maintenance staff will do a revision and the inventory after you left.

In case you notice damage to the apartment during your stay or something doesn't work well, the best you can do is to let us know about it. We will take care of the repairs, you will have the perfect apartment again for the rest of your stay and we will be able to speed up the process of refunding your deposit.

Are utilities included in the final price?

All costs of the utilities are included in the final price of the touristic apartments and reservations shorter than one month. Of course this doesn't mean that you can waste them, since if we notice it, it will be charged to you.

For apartments that are rented for more than one month, the utilities are NOT included and will have to be paid according to the usage. During your stay we will inform you about the amount you have used and give you the corresponding invoices.

How do I check-in?

Even after having confirmed the approximate time of arrival, it is necessary to contact us upon your arrival at the airport, or one hour before your arrival at the apartment at +34 608 82 12 10 (this telephone doesn't accept any kind of texting, SMS, Whatsapp or chat)

After receiving your call, our agent will go to the apartment to check you in. We need approximately the same  time to arrive at the apartment that you need from the airport.

Our agent won't leave the office until you call us, so please make sure you let us know once you have arrived in Barcelona.

If you call us when you are already in front of the apartment, we can not guarantee to have an agent free and you will have to wait until we have availability to check you in.

If you arrive by car or by other transport, you need to call us at  +34 608 82 12 10  one hour before your arrival.

At what time can I check-in? Do I have to pay an extra fee if I arrive late at night?

The arrival at the apartment is always after 15:00. If you want to enter the apartment earlier, you must contact us minimum 24 hours in advance and it will be possible only if there is availability.

In case there is no availability to check-in before 15:00, you can store your luggage at our office located in Plaza Cataluña. This is free of charge.

If your arrival at the apartment is after 20:00, as it is out of our office hours, you will have to pay an additional fee for the late check-in, which must be paid directly to the agent who checks you in.

The additional charge based on your arrival time is:

  • - If your arrival at the apartment is from 20:00 to 22:00 the cost for late check-in is € 20
  • - If your arrival at the apartment is from 22:00 to 24:00 the cost for late check-in is € 50
  • - If your arrival at the apartment is from 24.00 to 07:00 the cost for late check-in is € 100

How do I do the check-out at the end of my stay? Until what time do I have to leave?

The departure from the apartment (check-out) is always before 11:00.

If you need to stay longer, you must notify us more than 24 hours in advance.

The late check-out has an additional cost of € 50 and you must leave the apartment before 16:00. The late check-out will be possible only if there is availability.

Please, before you leave make sure you closed the windows, turned off the lights, and didn't leave garbage or unwashed dishes after yourself.

You have to leave all sets of keys on the table of the living room and shut the entrance door behind you.

Is there a place where I can leave my luggage before or after my stay?

To drop off your luggage at the apartment before check-in, or to leave it there after your check-out is not allowed. However, if you wish you can store your belongings at our office in Barcelona, we are very close to Plaza Cataluña.

Our address is: Ronda Universitat 17 principal 4º Barcelona.

This has no extra cost for you, our opening hours are 10.00 to 19.00.

Can I leave a feedback after my stay?

Of course!

We will be happy to get a feedback from you, it is the best way to keep improving. After your stay we will send you a form that you can fill in and let us know how you liked our service.

Check-out rules

1. You have to leave the apartment the latest until 11:00; if you don't leave until this time you will be charged 50€

2. In case you left a cash deposit, it will be refunded to your account via bank transfer, once the apartment was checked (transaction fees will be charged to you).

We never return deposits in cash. For our safety we never keep cash with us;

3. Do not move furniture or change the place of the objects in the apartment. The cleaning staff is not allowed to move furniture back to it's place, therefore you will be charged 150 € to cover the cost of contracting specialists

4. You must leave the apartment in the same state as it was delivered upon your arrival; there is a penalty of € 80 for leaving garbage, food leftovers, or dirty dishes in the apartment, or for leaving the apartment very dirty or disorganized

5. Leave all sets of keys on the table of the living room

6. Our staff won't be present upon your departure. Our cleaning and maintenance staff will check the apartment after you left.

What happens if I break something?

If something gets broken or damaged at our facilities during your stay please contact us as quickly as possible to be able to repair it or replace it.

The best is if you let us know about what has happened during your stay, so we can fix/replace the damaged item immediately and you can enjoy your apartment in perfect state.

General rules

1. Check-in is from 15:00

2. You can not check-in until the total price of your reservation (including the security deposit) was paid. You will have to pay the tourist tax upon arrival in cash;

3. Remember that late arrivals have an additional cost to be paid in cash upon arrival:

20 € between 20:00 and 22:00,

50 € between  22:00 and 00:00,

100 € between 00:00  and 02:00

arrivals after 02:00 can be checked in next day only

3. Smoking is not allowed in the apartment

4. It is not allowed to throw things into the street or to inner patios

5. It is not allowed to leave the garbage in the common areas of the building, your waste must be deposited in the appropriate bins located on the street

6. It is not allowed to make noise, party or cause discomfort of any kind to your neighbors. The rest hours established in this city are from 22:00 to 08:00

7. The air-conditioning and lights must be switched off every time you leave the apartment;

8. The door of the apartment must be locked

9. You must return all sets of keys that was delivered to you during the check-in. There is a 120 € /set penalty for lost keys

10. Every person staying in the apartment must be declared prior arrival or during the check-in process. It is not allowed to accommodate more people than the number indicated in the contract of the reservation;

11. The towels provided are for hygienic use only and can not be brought to the beach or pool

12. It is not allowed to hang towels on the balcony

13. For your safety, do not open the door to strangers

14. The person who signs the contract will be responsible for the whole group accommodated in the apartment.

Check-out rules

1. Check-out is until 11:00

2. Do not leave rubbish in the common areas of the building

3. You must leave the apartment in the same state as it was delivered to you

4. You have to close the windows, turn off the air-conditioning and the lights, leave all sets of keys on the table of the living room and shut the entrance door behind you

5. Make sure that you closed the entrance door correctly and no one can enter until the cleaning staff arrives.