General conditions


1. ACCEPTANCE.- Making any reservation implies acceptance of these general conditions.

2. USER.- The person who makes the reservation must be of legal age and is responsible for the veracity of the data entered, he is also responsible for each and every one of the guests who together with him make up the reservation, responding in solidarity for each and every one of them. The person who makes the reservation responds subsidiarily for all the occupants of the accommodation and who make up the reservation.

3. PREPAYMENT.- The system requests a guarantee of payment made by credit card or by bank transfer. The reservation is subject to acceptance of payment by the banking entity.

4. RESERVATION.- The reservation is complete once the user has received a reservation confirmation number with its localization by email.

5. TOURIST DUTY.- Depending on the place where the accommodation you reserve is located, you will have to pay tourist tax established by the government of that region. There are places where these taxes do not exist and where they do, and the amount can vary as well. Please, check the profile of the accommodation very well before making the reservation so that you can be sure of what tourist tax is charged in that region.

6. INFORMATION.- All the information provided by the user is saved on a secure server, and we guarantee that this information shall be accessed exclusively by authorized staff, and only for purposes of the reservation in order to communicate with the client in regards to future promotions and deals.

7. OCCUPANTS.- The client may only lodge the maximum number of people as defined in the apartment’s characteristics and as per the hired rate.

8. NEIGHBOURS.- All the occupants of the apartment promise to respect the neighbors of the building and nearby homes, and not to make irritating or disturbing noises, nor play music or instruments at inappropriate volumes. The right is reserved to cancel this contract with immediate effect and without compensation in the case of serious breach of these rules on respecting the neighbors.

9. CLEANING.- The apartment shall be made available to the client duly clean. The client commits to leaving the apartment reasonably clean, without rubbish or leftover food.

10. EQUIPMENT.- The client commits to leaving the apartment in the same circumstances as they found it upon entering in terms of furniture and equipment preservation.

11. MODIFICATIONS.- We reserve the right to change the rented apartment for one with similar or better characteristics in the event of force majeure. These changes will cause no additional cost to the customer. The client will not have the right to cancel the reservation free of charge once the other apartment of the same or higher category has been offered, nor to request any financial or other kinds of compensation.

12. GUARANTEE. - During the check-in process, the client is obligated to leave a security deposit of the amount that is specified in the reservation. Apartments2be will reject to deliver the apartment if the corresponding deposit has not been paid. This deposit shall be fully returned in a maximum of 14 days after check-out unless damages are found in the apartment, in its furniture or equipment, in situations of extreme filth or rubbish, or breach of these terms. Damage in the common elements of the building will also be deducted from the deposit. The cost of restoring the original conditions of the apartment upon check-in will be discounted from the deposit.

13. DEPARTURE. - The customer promises to leave the apartment free and return all the keys before 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. If the apartment has not been vacated, the customer shall pay a daily amount of twice the daily amount contracted, as well as any claims for damages that may be lodged by other persons with confirmed bookings.

14. CANCELLATION. - The amount paid for the reservation will not be refunded.