Dynamic Profitability

We respond to the requirements of accommodation owners who seek to obtain the greatest benefits in their accommodation, eliminating loss costs and without it being necessary to attract higher risk markets or less attractive profiles.

Transparency in Management

Thanks to our management program that we put at your disposal, you will be able to see in real time all the reservations of your accommodation, and the status of each one of them. From your computer or from your mobile. And communicate with us at any time.

Maximum Visibility on the Main Platform

Your accommodation will be published on all tourist vacation accommodation platforms. Thanks to our exclusive SEO work they will be positioned in the first positions and with the highest possible visibility.

Digital marketing

Our marketing experts will advertise, get the best positioning to reach the largest possible audience and give the greatest impact to your accommodation on social networks, and this will turn into a greater number of reservations

Settlements and Periodic Payments

Receive a settlement for each reservation made in your apartment and a payment corresponding to each settlement within a maximum period of 72 hours from the arrival of the guests at the accommodation.

Call Center

We provide all guests who stay in the apartments a 24/7 telephone service. We facilitate our contact to comply with the regulations of having an emergency contact as happens in some territories. Our attention to the owners is fast, personalized and efficient

Revenue Management

Thanks to this service, we manage to optimize the prices of the apartments so that they are always as competitive as possible, and in this way reservations can be made in gaps between two reservations and fill the largest number of nights in all seasons.

Professional Videos and Photographs included

We work with a group of professionals who will make the most of your accommodation by making professional videos and photographs in which they will enhance your accommodation and achieve a higher conversion of reservations and at no cost to you.

Advice on the Management of Purchase and sale of tourist accommodation

If you are looking to invest in a tourist accommodation, we will study the profitability of any proposal that you present to us, in order to know exactly the return on your investment. In the event that you need our help to find an investment product, we will look for options that you can buy to make them profitable at no cost to you for our services.

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